Current Housing Inventory as of October 1, 2008

Hartford and West of the River (Farmington Valley) Connecticut

Remember from last month…5 to 6 months of inventory (supply vs demand) is a normal market


$900,000 and over    22.17 months (almost 2 years)

$900,000 and under       5.2 months

Bloomfield                      9.2 months

Burlington                      7.08 months

Canton                         11.6 months

Farmington                    5.5 months

Granby                           9.0 months


$900,000 and over     10.84 months

$900,000 and under     5.69 months

West Hartford               3.31 months

Hartford                      10.2  months

Windsor                         5.9 months

 If you read my blog from last month   you will see what the August inventory numbers were to compare.

West Hartford has turned for the better as far as single family properties and in a radius of approx 2 to 3 miles from  Prices are on an uptick and selling very quickly meaning less than two weeks.

We have some great financing packages and especially for jumbo loans.  The Main Street Bail Out has not hampered our financing capabilities in our area.  On the news last night it was reported that Connecticut banks are very healthy at this point in time.  Connecticut has not overbuilt like other states in the USA mainly because we do not have the land.  In some towns especially Fairfield County they are in the demolish the old and they just build new on the lot.

God,  please continue to bless America.