My husband returns last night from spending the entire day at the US OPEN at Bethpage Black.  He tells me how muddy it was and how the USGA had roped everything off so you  couldn’t really watch the players for more than one hole.  He saw Tiger, Phil, Reteif, Ernie….

He tells me he bought a shot glass like the one we bought in 2002 when we went for the day and walked only the front 9.  We reminisced how we didn’t walk the back 9 because we were so tired from the walk to get to the course and then to add  walking  Bethpage in itself.   As I lay there I said to myself “in the morning I will look at the shot glass that we bought in 2002 to see how much we paid for it”.  For the last 7 years I have been so tempted to take the price sticker off which one always does but something always would stop me from grabbing the “Goo Gone” on this particular glass.  

I see the new 2009 addition on my counter and pick it up and look at the price on the back.  There it is the same size sticker as the 2002.  It is the same obnoxious large white sticker covering the entire 1/4 of the shot glass.  How ridiculous I say to myself which is exactly what I say to myself since 2002 everytime I wash the glass.  Cant’ they use a smaller sticker?   Price for the 2002 shot glass $10.00.  Price for the 2009 shot glass $6.00.

There is a difference of course.  The logo of the glass in 2002 is carved into the glass.  I imagine if I was blind I would run my fingers over the entire logo and know exactly what it says.  The 2009 glass is the same coloring of the 2002 logo which is a faded beige but it is stamped on the glass and wait…. the glass is actually a hair smaller.  The 2002 glass does not indicate where it was made.  2009 glass  “Made S in S China“.

Both look fine and hopefully will get used.  I still remember balking to my husband in 2002 “why do we need another shot glass”, I asked.  In 2009 I now realize our average cost for the 2 shot glasses is $8.00.  Still too much!