Wearing my other hat besides being a full-time Realtor in Connecticut.  I am a Home Retention Consultant with titanium Solutions and I have had a ton of assignments from Bank of America in the past two months.   In my short sale business they are the best at being the most mismanaged inefficient in the Loss Mitigation departments.  “Customer No Service” award by far.  Today reading the Wall Street Journal’s front page about Bank of America changing the locks and  padlocked a woman’s house and then taking her parrot because for some reason an employee thought the house was vacant clearly indicates how poorly the bank communicates internally.  The woman was not even in pre-foreclosure on her house and was not even behind on her mortgage payment!  How could this even happen to begin with?

I am seeing a trend being a HRC that Bank of America has a borrower not pay their mortgage on or before the 15th of each month and they do it a couple of times prepare to get a call from an HRC from Titanium.  We are assigned to discuss the HAMP program with the homeowner if there is a problem with their income.  Now, I think this is pretty progressive of Bank of America to try to get a jump on a borrower if need be as far as helping a homeowner modify their mortgage to keep them in the home. 

I am scratching my head on how they could do this to this woman Ms. Ianelli from Pennsylvania who owns a diner and works part-time as a bartender and was never behind on her mortgage.  The worst part is when she called Bank of America one customer service person hung up on her.  The bank defended itself by saying they have people who are earning $14 and $15 an hour to deal with a heavy case load.  Problem is when you have a bank that is poorly managed coupled with lousy communication systems if someone is making $100 an hour these kind of errors will still  occur.  May she win her lawsuit and may this wake these banks up to shape up internally in Loss Mitigation.