Dear Geena!

Chateau La-La Land Wish List

Here we go:

• • Ranch style, or small number of stairs (reduce knee abuse)
• • Wood floors (for Pilates)
• • Open space living area (broccoli alert)
• • 3 bedrooms (should we spell it out for you?)
• • 2 full baths (in lieu of library)
• • Ample storage (to hide from lenders)
• • Garage (is moonlighting still illegal?)
• • Finished or partially finished basement (we support immigration)
• • Lots of light (but not a bench in the park)
• • Prefer to redecorate rather than remodel (reality vs. fantasy)
• • Quiet neighborhood (except on 4th of July)

• Things we don’t like:
• Water on property (Niagara and puddles, hot tubs, ponds and lagoons)